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Exploring The Features Of Automation

In today's world, nearly everything has a high-tech option, including your window treatments. Thanks to the impressive and intuitive design of Hunter Douglas PowerView® Automation, you can add simplicity to your everyday routine, which can certainly go a long way when planning out your day. At Blinds Plus, we can help you explore the many features that make this system stand out amongst a crowded marketplace.

Exploring the Features of Automation, Hunter Douglas PowerView® Automation, automation near Springfield, Missouri (MO)

Easy-To-Use Remote

When you're at your home, the last thing you want to experience is an unwanted glare on a television, or be in a room that's just a little bit too bright, or experience any other unexpected annoyances. Fortunately, PowerView® has you covered. By utilizing our handheld remote, you can reposition up to six groups of window treatments at once. This on-demand control is, of course, a wonderful option to have at your fingertips.

As for the look of the Pebble®, you will discover that it comes in a range of stylish colors. So, on top of being functional, it is also aesthetically pleasing. Worried about misplacing it? Consider pairing it with the wall-mounted Pebble Surface Remote for easy access.

Control The Movement Through Your Smartphone or Tablet

If you consider yourself to be tech-savvy, accessing the downloadable app can provide an easy way to move your window treatments as well. After placing it on your Apple® or Android™ smartphone or tablet, you can begin customizing your experience to fit your lifestyle. By scheduling your window treatments ahead of time, you can also rest assured knowing that your shades will properly lift or lower when you are away from your residence.

One of the unique benefits of the PowerView® App is that you can even have them move in accordance with the sunrise or sunset in your particular location. Not only will this offer various levels of light control, but this feature will also help when it comes to overall energy efficiency throughout the year.

Cordless Operation

Another one of the impressive features of the PowerView® is that the system was designed with your entire family in mind, including children and pets. On top of cordless operation, this Hunter Douglas offering is also battery powered. So, you won't have to worry about where you place this inside of your residence. This stands in stark contrast to window treatments that require cords.

Pair With Voice Activation

While you may think that you know exactly what the PowerView® has to offer at this point, it still has some surprises up its sleeve, such as the ability to pair with your smart-home system. This means that you can easily partner it with Amazon Alexa, Siri® on your Apple device, or the Google Assistant.

Ready To Learn More?

To find out more information about the PowerView® or any of our other Hunter Douglas window treatments, feel free to get in touch today. We are located at 224 W Republic Rd in Springfield, Missouri. Our phone number is (417) 881-1821. Our service area includes Nixa, Ozark, and Branson, Missouri. Contact us today.