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Using PowerView® Automation in Your Home

To make your everyday routines easier and more streamlined, you may want to consider using PowerView® Automation in your home. This impressive Hunter Douglas system can help you reposition the window treatments around your home in a simple yet effective way. At Blinds Plus, our friendly staff members can tell you more about why adding the PowerView® to your household could be a great decision.

Using PowerView® Automation in Your Home Near Springfield, Missouri (MO), including a remote control and app

Using PowerView® Automation for Convenience

One of the reasons why using PowerView® Automation in your home may be a good decision is because integrating it into your existing decor can give you a range of options that you previously did not have. This allows convenience into your daily routine. Whether you choose to reposition your shades through the convenient Pebble® Remote Control or the easy-to-download app, you will be met with a range of options once you introduce this Hunter Douglas system into your residence.

In fact, using PowerView® Automation in your home can be completed in two unique ways. By using either the Pebble® Control or the PowerView® App, you will be able to quickly change the position of any shade within your residence. The Pebble® remote is a simple handheld device that gives you the opportunity to move individual window treatments or groups depending on your specific needs throughout the day. Since the remote comes in a variety of colors, you will be able to find something that matches your desired aesthetic as well.

Using PowerView® Automation for Custom Schedules

As for the PowerView® App, creating customized room scenes will let you program your window coverings to move on their own throughout the day. Utilizing this tool is helpful when it comes to making your day-to-day routines simpler, as you will not need to do anything else once you have programmed your preferred settings in the app. Using PowerView® Automation in your home can offer a wide variety of benefits that may surprise you.

Additionally, once you bring this Hunter Douglas product into your household, you will also be able to go about accessing it outside of your residence as well. Through the Remote Connect™ feature, you will be able to adjust your shades on your tablet or mobile device when you are away from home as well. The PowerView® Repeater can also extend the signal of the system beyond the traditional parameters, which allow you to reposition any window treatments in areas that are a bit outside of the normal range. As you can see, using PowerView® Automation in your home is convenient for many reasons.


If you would like to find out more about using PowerView® Automation in your home, please get in touch. Our store is located at 224 W Republic Rd. in Springfield, Missouri. We can also be reached by phone at (417) 881-1821. As we also offer extra assistance to those within Nixa, Ozark, and Branson, Missouri, we can certainly help you wherever you may be located. Since 1989, we have been proudly serving the surrounding communities and would love to add you to our list of satisfied clients. Contact us today to begin discussing your home's transformation. We look forward to working with you.